Elle MacNab
Elle MacNab is an author living Sonoma County. Writing has been her creative outlet since the financial crisis of 2008. The stress and uncertainty during those times pushed Elle to write a story that had been rattling in her head for twenty years. Elle keeps a blog and is working on her second coming of age novel.

 LOVELOST: a Novel

 Traipse through a postcard world and fall in love with Lauren Sorrell. The recent  college grad is at a crossroads: she wants a man, but her parents want her to find a  career. When she decides to become a nurse, life falls into place.

 Will Krotnik is a handsome ER doctor, blowing off steam on a ski safari with his  medical school buddies in the French Alps. Fate brings Lauren and Will together near  the banks of Lake Geneva, and Lauren‘s life hits a perfect stride. Kindling their  romance on ski slopes and sail boats, Will and Lauren’s bond grows. It seems too  perfect and it is. The happily ever after Lauren envisions shatters when Will reveals  a devastating secret. Lauren must change course and finds the life she didn’t know  existed.

Now available on Amazon.

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